Well folks welcome to my demise. I have started this journey with little to no “tech” skills whatsoever. I want to explore building a brand and launching an small business, for which I have no idea on what it will be yet, and my research has lead me to “blogging “ to start my endeavors. I have many passions to explore and experiment with and hope to share them so that maybe someone can learn from my mistakes! So after days of research and information overload, I’ve chosen WordPress as my blogging platform, and I have to admit it’s been pretty painless in less than two hours I have created a website and now writing my first blog every! I consider this a victory. I will be looking into alternative methods of making income and gaining some freedom from the daily grind. My grandpa told when I was young, “son, do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.” And though I’ve tried to live by these words, even trying to instill them in my own children or anyone else who will listen to my ramblings, I have fallen short and hard. But I’m hoping to redeem myself and prove ANYONE can break the cycle of 9 to 5! Along the way I’ll also be looking for personal growth and truly live every day like it’s my last day on earth. And my first hiccup has occurred, my tablet is down to 2% battery!  I’d like to say welcome to my life.