So, my journey to financial independence has brought me to one discerning conclusion, there are literally MILLIONS just like me. The poor weather has kept me indoors today thus I’ve spent hours researching the basics. E-books , write about things you know, and stock photography, most everyone carry’s some type of electronic device that will take photos. This has been my main focus, these can be easily done on a day to day basis to build that “passive income “ I and as it seems everyone else is doing, or at least attempting. Just getting this blog going has been a challenge for this 43 year old lineman! I’ve read a hundred different blogging how-to’s, and probably just as many YouTube videos, my conclusion, just do it, be active, this is my third day in all of this, I’ve also concluded, this will not happen fast nor come easy. Now with that said, I haven’t been this excited about a project in some time now. I am starting to question my ability to learn new things,  you know, “old dog, new tricks.” There are so many so called experts on any of these for mentioned subjects it just boggles the mind. So I’ve chosen a couple that I can relate to and seem to have had success to follow until I, my blog, and my website grows into its own independence. I sincerely hope they don’t mind.

Something else worth noting, I will post a break down once I come up with a total, is the expense of all this. Computers, web hosting, cameras publishing costs, I’m keeping a running total, and yes I know a lot these services are free, but I’m looking at it as a long term investment and if you drop some hard earned cash on it you are more likely to invest the time to succeed and most paid services want you to succeed as well or else they would unemployed like me.

Now when I say unemployed, I mean I have no corporate job or a boss, I wouldn’t call myself, self employed either, I have been working hard on projects that hopefully will lead to a more fulfilling career. I have no income hitting my pocket, so I’ve had to get creative with dealing no cash flow. So tomorrow in hitting the trail / woods to dig some local wild herbs that I can take to a buyer and put cash in my pocket. Although this is not a new practice in my part of the country, it’s has been many years since I’ve done this. I learned this skills from my grandpa, who was a brother of 13 and a father of 7 himself, so needless to say he was efficient at making some quick cash. People in  my area have done and are still doing this as a major part of there income, long before the popular t.v. shows that most people are familiar with. I assure you, it’s work, but also it’s a chance to get some fresh air and remember where my roots firmly lay.