9A1B7929-0CAD-43A6-B826-47302D703C19Finally made to the woods today to do a little hiking and dig a few roots! The weather was muggy and had a few showers at times but overall it was a great day!5AFF6365-B97D-40EA-8FE5-780E7729577BThe water was moving swiftly and was a small challenge to forge getting to one of the digging areas. We spend so much time in cubicles or other various places that keep us away from such beauty that nature provides us all. It’s fall here but you wouldn’t know with the 80 degree temperatures and even a thunderstorm rumbled though today.

FF408614-9954-4C9B-8AEA-BCDAD9F56C19Upon making our crossing we headed up a small bluff line to get a better view of the area below, but before we made our “summit “ we just had to stop and gaze on what at first glance looked like snow!00680372-7383-49EF-8D74-ADC1D85A55CBMoss, this is moss, I can’t say I can ever recall seeing this particular species in the woods before. Just a beautiful site. Already the trip has paid off and I haven’t seen the first herb to dig yet.AD9A5730-1063-4B0B-85E9-46CE0C7A1BB4We made our way around a small bluff line in which you could tell had been dug in buy folks looking for what I assume was Native America artifacts. We scratched around a bit ourselves just basically waiting for the rain to subside.F1624FA9-A041-4F95-A0FE-4FF408D446B4This Is a small ginseng plant, this is our objective for the day. I found several but only seven big enough to dig.25170A4E-FB0C-43D0-BF62-E14A5263F126This one has just dropped it berries, which also contain the seeds, as you can see it has started to take on a yellow hue. This is a sure sign that the digging season is short and I should have started looking long before now.0787D17A-A263-4BB2-9416-980F565601A1Here is another that has fallen over and all but gone dormant for the winter to come.898EE0F6-247D-4D76-8473-5932CA35D8E7This is the take for the day, all small roots compared to what I’ve dug in the past, but once washed up and dried they should bring about one hundred dollars from the buyer. Not bad for a day that would have been otherwise spent in an office. Hopefully tomorrow’s yield will be much better.