Weather you are looking into stock photography, publishing an e-book, or even starting a blog, keywords, it seems, can make or break your passive income dreams. Research has shown you have less than two seconds to grab a potential subscriber or close that deal on a sell on your website. Two seconds, that’s it. So in the time it take for to consume that first bite of a fresh and hot pizza your have either hooked them or they have left you in the past, lost in their infinite browsing history.B86BECE0-4061-47BA-AD3F-3B156ED938B3Now, for someone like me, it takes two seconds to even have a passing thought. Every word should be carefully chosen when describing you content. To me this seems to limit your ability to diversify and grow a brand. What I’m getting at is research your research, if you choose to write a book on cooking the perfect fried chicken, the look at each individual word, not the topic as a whole. Now this sounds nuts but my research has led me to some very successful people who have done just that and that is the way I will move forward with my endeavors. The problem I am have is streamlining my research practices, I spend so much time studying on a given subject that it, at times, seems counterproductive. In short, your keywords are your most powerful tools in this virtual world.