So today we, decided to unplug for the day and hit the trail. My girlfriend, her son,and I took the day an visit some local trials in the area just to get the blood flowing and clear the mind.

They day started off with threats of rain and as we made our increase in elevation the fog began to thicken. I took the camera along to try and get some shots for my stock photography endeavor. But the weather just would cooperate. So I just snapped a few with the phone and enjoyed the day.

We headed off to lower elevation and better views, down on the creek we enjoyed the cool waters as they babbled along the rocks.

They climb out was a grim reminder of how out of shape I am. I see more of these, and less pizza, in my futures!

With the coming of the setting sun we made our final climb up the steep hillside, and when we hit the trail head I must admit I was relieved we had made it back to the jeep. As I set here, tired but refreshed, I am glad we made the day of it. Be thankful and appreciative of those who enjoy and support your interests. And weather you enjoy the wilderness hikes or just a walk around downtown, get outside.