3AF6C375-1CB7-4B58-8298-60D303EE88B5So I’ve been busy trying to figure out what else I can do to peruse my corporate free lifestyle. I’m building on one of my many hobbies which is working with glass. I’m going to put these on eBay to generate a little more residual income, although I haven’t made a cent yet.

A1AA334B-C251-4755-937B-7A5CBD1DF66EI started off with an old window that I picked up for 10 bucks, I dug through my stockpile of glass to see if I could find something to make a quick flip. I took a small torch and burned the paint then took a wire brush to the frame before I cut and inserted the glass.

C0021183-6608-435E-BE36-30F66398C6EFI have a few more that I purchased and have a few more ideas. I’ve also been helping out some family members that have a few rental properties for some income. I know I can always fallback to my old career if needed but I strive daily for success in my other endeavors.

So if anyone has anything they would like to add or maybe some ideas, if anyone is reading that is, please feel free to comment. I’d love to hear from someone who is or has been in a similar place in their life!