9A1B7929-0CAD-43A6-B826-47302D703C19Where to start, I was asked to add an about page to describe how I found myself here at this stage of my life. An easy enough question, I thought, but here’s the long and short of it. I’ve spent twenty five years in the telecommunications business doing everything from residential work, new construction,and storm damages. Thought the years I have had some good and bad experiences as we all have, but my last employer was the straw that broke the proverbial camels back. With a verbally abusive work environment I decided to call it quits and strike out on my own. Trying to build a brand and turn some of my hobbies into an income that could support my lifestyle. With all the research I’ve been doing, starting a blog was at the top of most everyone’s list, and so I did just that. With no experience with such things I find myself learning more about myself than e-commerce. So I invite everyone to follow me on my journey if you like.20171014_1337291981459979.jpg I have always found peace in the outdoors so I thought why not try stock photography, so when I’m on the trail I snap a few pictures of things I find interesting. I have also been building leaded “stained” glass windows since I was a child. So I have started trying to sell some pieces on eBay. And I also love the “Upcycling” idea, although nothing new to me, growing up on the Cumberland Plateau in Tennessee at a time when everyone was poor and you reused everything, most times not for its intended purpose, seems to be all the rage.  FC530FD2-5737-43F5-927F-D1475EC90891In short I’m looking at many things in my life that are not dictated by a little man in a suit who has never had his hands dirty. I’m sure I will stumble along the way, but in the process I will become a better friend, father, and human being. Not all things are material, to bad it took me half my life to understand that, but I intend to rectify that.