• “ I don’t have the time or I can’t “

    Seriously, why do people say that. “I haven’t taken the time” would be more appropriate. Just as I haven’t kept up with my blogging because I have not taken time to do so. In my journey I’ve heard those words so many times and at first I tried to sympathize, but now it just makes me angry. Knowledge should not be a problem most people hold the entire knowledge of the world in the palm of their hand, if it’s a physical issue today’s medicine can improve just about any one’s quality of life. To say I can’t, is like saying I give up in my opinion. And what’s even worse is people telling me what I can and cannot do, like quit my job, live a simpler life, a debt-free life, and a host of other things that I’ve heard along this journey thus far. In my opinion we should be saying I did, not I can’t!

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  • Stay Vigilant

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    3AF6C375-1CB7-4B58-8298-60D303EE88B5So I’ve been busy trying to figure out what else I can do to peruse my corporate free lifestyle. I’m building on one of my many hobbies which is working with glass. I’m going to put these on eBay to generate a little more residual income, although I haven’t made a cent yet.

    A1AA334B-C251-4755-937B-7A5CBD1DF66EI started off with an old window that I picked up for 10 bucks, I dug through my stockpile of glass to see if I could find something to make a quick flip. I took a small torch and burned the paint then took a wire brush to the frame before I cut and inserted the glass.

    C0021183-6608-435E-BE36-30F66398C6EFI have a few more that I purchased and have a few more ideas. I’ve also been helping out some family members that have a few rental properties for some income. I know I can always fallback to my old career if needed but I strive daily for success in my other endeavors.

    So if anyone has anything they would like to add or maybe some ideas, if anyone is reading that is, please feel free to comment. I’d love to hear from someone who is or has been in a similar place in their life!

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  • Factory Reset

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    So today we, decided to unplug for the day and hit the trail. My girlfriend, her son,and I took the day an visit some local trials in the area just to get the blood flowing and clear the mind.

    They day started off with threats of rain and as we made our increase in elevation the fog began to thicken. I took the camera along to try and get some shots for my stock photography endeavor. But the weather just would cooperate. So I just snapped a few with the phone and enjoyed the day.

    We headed off to lower elevation and better views, down on the creek we enjoyed the cool waters as they babbled along the rocks.

    They climb out was a grim reminder of how out of shape I am. I see more of these, and less pizza, in my futures!

    With the coming of the setting sun we made our final climb up the steep hillside, and when we hit the trail head I must admit I was relieved we had made it back to the jeep. As I set here, tired but refreshed, I am glad we made the day of it. Be thankful and appreciative of those who enjoy and support your interests. And weather you enjoy the wilderness hikes or just a walk around downtown, get outside.

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  • “KEYWORDS” The new way to spell success!

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    Weather you are looking into stock photography, publishing an e-book, or even starting a blog, keywords, it seems, can make or break your passive income dreams. Research has shown you have less than two seconds to grab a potential subscriber or close that deal on a sell on your website. Two seconds, that’s it. So in the time it take for to consume that first bite of a fresh and hot pizza your have either hooked them or they have left you in the past, lost in their infinite browsing history.B86BECE0-4061-47BA-AD3F-3B156ED938B3Now, for someone like me, it takes two seconds to even have a passing thought. Every word should be carefully chosen when describing you content. To me this seems to limit your ability to diversify and grow a brand. What I’m getting at is research your research, if you choose to write a book on cooking the perfect fried chicken, the look at each individual word, not the topic as a whole. Now this sounds nuts but my research has led me to some very successful people who have done just that and that is the way I will move forward with my endeavors. The problem I am have is streamlining my research practices, I spend so much time studying on a given subject that it, at times, seems counterproductive. In short, your keywords are your most powerful tools in this virtual world.

  • Small victories and the journey.

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    9A1B7929-0CAD-43A6-B826-47302D703C19Finally made to the woods today to do a little hiking and dig a few roots! The weather was muggy and had a few showers at times but overall it was a great day!5AFF6365-B97D-40EA-8FE5-780E7729577BThe water was moving swiftly and was a small challenge to forge getting to one of the digging areas. We spend so much time in cubicles or other various places that keep us away from such beauty that nature provides us all. It’s fall here but you wouldn’t know with the 80 degree temperatures and even a thunderstorm rumbled though today.

    FF408614-9954-4C9B-8AEA-BCDAD9F56C19Upon making our crossing we headed up a small bluff line to get a better view of the area below, but before we made our “summit “ we just had to stop and gaze on what at first glance looked like snow!00680372-7383-49EF-8D74-ADC1D85A55CBMoss, this is moss, I can’t say I can ever recall seeing this particular species in the woods before. Just a beautiful site. Already the trip has paid off and I haven’t seen the first herb to dig yet.AD9A5730-1063-4B0B-85E9-46CE0C7A1BB4We made our way around a small bluff line in which you could tell had been dug in buy folks looking for what I assume was Native America artifacts. We scratched around a bit ourselves just basically waiting for the rain to subside.F1624FA9-A041-4F95-A0FE-4FF408D446B4This Is a small ginseng plant, this is our objective for the day. I found several but only seven big enough to dig.25170A4E-FB0C-43D0-BF62-E14A5263F126This one has just dropped it berries, which also contain the seeds, as you can see it has started to take on a yellow hue. This is a sure sign that the digging season is short and I should have started looking long before now.0787D17A-A263-4BB2-9416-980F565601A1Here is another that has fallen over and all but gone dormant for the winter to come.898EE0F6-247D-4D76-8473-5932CA35D8E7This is the take for the day, all small roots compared to what I’ve dug in the past, but once washed up and dried they should bring about one hundred dollars from the buyer. Not bad for a day that would have been otherwise spent in an office. Hopefully tomorrow’s yield will be much better.

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  • There is always tomorrow

    Well my plans for herb digging fell short, a quick oil change and tire rotation turned into a four hour ordeal. What a waste of a beautiful day, and with winter coming my chances for making any money is dwindling quickly. But a small set back just reinforces my resolve. Hopefully I will have more to off on this subject tomorrow, in the mean time I have been diligent at researching my virtual world. Seems it’s going to run about 200-250 dollars to publish a book on kindle. But do I consider this a long term investment or just throwing money away. I seen many people make several hundred dollars on the first day of a new publication, but honestly, how realistic is that? Tomorrow is a new day, and hopefully will present a few new options and ideas.

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  • Really? How can I be original in the digital age?

    So, my journey to financial independence has brought me to one discerning conclusion, there are literally MILLIONS just like me. The poor weather has kept me indoors today thus I’ve spent hours researching the basics. E-books , write about things you know, and stock photography, most everyone carry’s some type of electronic device that will take photos. This has been my main focus, these can be easily done on a day to day basis to build that “passive income “ I and as it seems everyone else is doing, or at least attempting. Just getting this blog going has been a challenge for this 43 year old lineman! I’ve read a hundred different blogging how-to’s, and probably just as many YouTube videos, my conclusion, just do it, be active, this is my third day in all of this, I’ve also concluded, this will not happen fast nor come easy. Now with that said, I haven’t been this excited about a project in some time now. I am starting to question my ability to learn new things,  you know, “old dog, new tricks.” There are so many so called experts on any of these for mentioned subjects it just boggles the mind. So I’ve chosen a couple that I can relate to and seem to have had success to follow until I, my blog, and my website grows into its own independence. I sincerely hope they don’t mind.

    Something else worth noting, I will post a break down once I come up with a total, is the expense of all this. Computers, web hosting, cameras publishing costs, I’m keeping a running total, and yes I know a lot these services are free, but I’m looking at it as a long term investment and if you drop some hard earned cash on it you are more likely to invest the time to succeed and most paid services want you to succeed as well or else they would unemployed like me.

    Now when I say unemployed, I mean I have no corporate job or a boss, I wouldn’t call myself, self employed either, I have been working hard on projects that hopefully will lead to a more fulfilling career. I have no income hitting my pocket, so I’ve had to get creative with dealing no cash flow. So tomorrow in hitting the trail / woods to dig some local wild herbs that I can take to a buyer and put cash in my pocket. Although this is not a new practice in my part of the country, it’s has been many years since I’ve done this. I learned this skills from my grandpa, who was a brother of 13 and a father of 7 himself, so needless to say he was efficient at making some quick cash. People in  my area have done and are still doing this as a major part of there income, long before the popular t.v. shows that most people are familiar with. I assure you, it’s work, but also it’s a chance to get some fresh air and remember where my roots firmly lay.

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  • Hit the ground running: The Inkle loom.

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    This is the beginning of an Inkle loom, with only a few pieces of scrap material, some screws and glue anyone could build this.

    After the glue sets, final sanding can be completed. Once it is warped up you can start weaving a variety of materials. Here, I am using paracord to weave a basic pattern that can be used as any type of strapping material. I also incorporated a hemp jute for added contast.

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  • Hopelessly Lost

    Well folks welcome to my demise. I have started this journey with little to no “tech” skills whatsoever. I want to explore building a brand and launching an small business, for which I have no idea on what it will be yet, and my research has lead me to “blogging “ to start my endeavors. I have many passions to explore and experiment with and hope to share them so that maybe someone can learn from my mistakes! So after days of research and information overload, I’ve chosen WordPress as my blogging platform, and I have to admit it’s been pretty painless in less than two hours I have created a website and now writing my first blog every! I consider this a victory. I will be looking into alternative methods of making income and gaining some freedom from the daily grind. My grandpa told when I was young, “son, do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.” And though I’ve tried to live by these words, even trying to instill them in my own children or anyone else who will listen to my ramblings, I have fallen short and hard. But I’m hoping to redeem myself and prove ANYONE can break the cycle of 9 to 5! Along the way I’ll also be looking for personal growth and truly live every day like it’s my last day on earth. And my first hiccup has occurred, my tablet is down to 2% battery!  I’d like to say welcome to my life.

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